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If you ever need your house cleaned steer clear from this woman. We hired her to clean our house twice a week. After a couple weeks I noticed a few items missing from our house. Candle sticks, food items, makeup, sheets. I asked her in a very nice way if she had been taken items from our house and she screamed at the top of her lungs "you crazy f'ing ***" and walked out of our house. I left her a message saying her services were no longer needed. Since then, she keeps parking in front of our house late at night, she follows my son home from work, she parks up the street and walks her dog up to our house and stands on the sidewalk and stares up at the house. Our neighbor who is retired told us she let herself into our backyard and tipped over our patio furniture, garbage cans.

We have purchased a alarm system and changed the locks on our doors, and put up a locking gate that required a key and filed a complaint to the police department.

I should have listened to my husband who said "something is not wright with this woman" when she first cleaned our house for the first time.



Thank you for the review. This woman's husband works in the same building as I and for the longest time has done nothing but complain about his wife and how bullheaded she is and how she takes everything very personal and he is afraid she will sooner or later loose control and so something to get herself or him in trouble. He told me that yes she does clean houses but not very often.


In agreement with Scott, I can warn anyone out there to be very careful when confronting this

woman. She is in fact very unstable. She can be nice one minutes and within seconds turn into a raging maniac. She used to come into my backyard and on purpose break items just so she could have an excuse to come talk to me.

Over the past winter several cars were broken into and a few of the neighbors who live on N street have accused her of being the person breaking into cars. She walks her mangy dogs only at night between the hours of 10pm and 4am. Very odd behavior. She talks to herself, yells at herself, and claims she has MS, cancer, and fibromyalgia. This is why she can't walk during the day.

To anyone needing their house cleaned, call a professional cleaning company.

Thank you

to Cindy Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #974325

We have several issues with Sandy Coatney who lives a few houses up the street from our family.In the summer we host several bbqs and last summer she called the police on us because she claimed we were loud and smoking pot.

The police showed up at 7:45pm and said they have been sitting outside our house and did not hear anything the would be considered "loud" and we are NOT smoking pot. The next day Sandy was walking her very mean dog and called us inconsiderate a-holes. My husband told her to go home and she picked up a stick and threw it at us and told us she wanted us dead. We called the police and the investigator said several complaints from other neighbors has dealt with the same behavior.

The officers and investigator told us to be very careful when confronting her.


Thank you for the warnings about this woman.I live 3 blocks from the woman that is mentioned in the above reviews.

The retired person mentioned in the reviews is my neighbor.

He is in his early 80's and she constantly harasses him.Good news, he along with 9 other neighbors have hired a group of attorneys that are working on getting her thrown out of the neighborhood.


Sandy cleaned our house years ago and to my knowledge, nothing was harmed. She seemed to be a ok person.

Clamart, Ile-De-France, France #257446

Thank you so much for the reviews. I will keep this in mind. This site is awesome.

Clamart, Ile-De-France, France #257346

I have never had and never will have this woman clean my house but I do know that she is a very unstable woman who needs some serious professional help. Last summer (2010) she let herself in my backyard and had the audasity to contact animal control and inform them that my dog was running around in the middle of the street. I know this because I had my attorney come with me to the animal control and they retrieved the phone records and she called from her cell phone. If that wasn't enough, she tried to let herself in my house. She tried to open the front door, tried to open the windows. My daughter who came over to check on my dog was inside when Sandy came over. My poor daughter was scared to death and called the police. When the police arrived my daughter heard Sandy tell the officers that she was hired by me to keep an eye on the house. NOT TRUE.

Since then I have installed a alarm system and 3 hidden cameras that record when the motion detector is activated.

I agree with the other reviews, steer clear of this very unstable woman who in my opinion is on the edge of hurting someone.

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